Rengoku Event Returns to Rainbow Six Siege

Look what's making a return. Ubisoft

The ninja-themed event in Rainbow Six Siege is back. However, this new version of Rengoku has something more to offer compared to when it debuted with Operation Demon Veil back in 2022. It's introducing more operators, gadgets, and abilities.

The Rengoku

In Rengoku, players aren't divided into attackers and defenders. Instead, it puts teams of five in the Control the Points match with respawns enabled. For this mode, all operators have the same health and speed, and everyone wields a kunai and shotgun. At the start of each match, three altars are activated and will change location every two minutes. To capture them and earn favor, they need to stay in the same room as the altar and avoid any interference from the enemy team.

However, there are new changes to make it even more exciting. For example, since operators can climb through hatches, the map has been reworked to feature more of these.

More Operators

The map isn't the only thing new in this latest version of Rengoku. Aside from the lineup revealed last year, four operators have been added to the Possessed and Devoted rosters. These are Hibana, Grim, Mozzie, and Valkyrie. With this, the total number of characters selectable for each team has increased to seven.

New Kunai

As mentioned, all operators carry a kunai, a special throwing knife with gadget-like properties. Depending on how they're thrown, they take out a large portion of the wall or activate special area-of-effect attacks similar to frag grenades, flashbangs, or Molotovs. A kunai can even one-shot an opponent. In this new version of Rengoku, two types of kunai are added to the mix. Their new effects are based on Thorn's Razorbloom Shell and Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher.

Collection Bundles

All 14 Operators in the roster for Rengoku come with exclusive skins, obtainable in Collection Bundles which can be bought with Renown or R6 Credits. These Collection Bundles have operator skins, weapon skins, and Operator Card Portraits.

In addition, players who play the game during the event get a free Collection Pack. Additional packs can also be earned by completing weekly challenges.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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