Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2.1 Adds Brilliant Feature Eight Years After Launch

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2.1 Patch Notes Steam/Ubisoft

The newest season of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege went live a few weeks ago, but there's more work to be done. Today, Ubisoft released Update Y8S2.1 for R6 Siege and it is almost exclusively focused on bug fixes and improvements. Several annoying issues related to gameplay, audio, UI, and level design have been addressed.

The update also brought a quality-of-life feature that makes the lives of custom game hosts much easier. Hosts will now have access to a button that can randomize teams, so no more shouting on voice chats telling other players to switch teams. It is surprising that the inclusion of this feature took more than eight years. You can check out some of the other changes below.


  • FIXED - Grim is missing from the Operators roster in the Golden Gun game mode.
  • FIXED - Dummy Health option doesn't affect newly spawned dummies.
  • FIXED - Terrain destruction is not reproduced when players join a match in progress.
  • FIXED - Players get trapped when spawning at 1F Vending Stair of the Nighthaven map.
  • FIXED - FPS drops when Solis' SPEC-IO Electro Sensor scans Sens' R.O.U. Projector System.

Level Design

  • FIXED - Defenders are detected outside when navigating in B Old Office of the Villa map.
  • FIXED - Unfair line of sight can be gained using Azami's Kiba Barrier to vault on to a table at 2F Yellow Stairs of the Consulate map.
  • FIXED - Record player can't be broken at 1F Lounge of the Emerald Plains map.
  • FIXED - Unintended line of sight towards 1F Visa Office through the drone vent on the eastern wall at EXT Parking of the Consulate map.
  • FIXED - Exploitable line of sight from a table at 1F West Corridor of the Consulate map.


  • FIXED - SFX missing when hitting Azami's Kiba Barrier with a shield.
  • FIXED - Multiples voice lines plays when Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine is thrown.
  • FIXED - Voice chat audio comes from Windows default devices instead of selected options in-game.
  • FIXED - Incorrect SFX play when Brava's Kludge Drone hacks Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine.
  • FIXED - Various audio issues.


  • FIXED - Ace's S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher can't break wooden floors with carpet over it.
  • FIXED - Bailiff 410 reloads faster when activating Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine.
  • FIXED - FPS drop occurs when Clash's CCE Electro-Shield ability is spammed.
  • FIXED - Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine location appears as placeholder when placed in EXT Coast Guard Roof of the Kanal map.

User Experience

  • FIXED - Multiple strings of text are missing from the Battle Pass progression tab.
  • FIXED - stick input when rotating camera in match replay doesn't reflect the input by user.
  • FIXED - Players get an error after accepting an invite from a player that was previously in their Squad.
  • FIXED - Toggle for match replay missing from custom games.
  • FIXED - Various Shop and Customization issues.

You can check out the complete patch notes on the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Rainbow Six Siege recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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