Reforged TD - Tower Defense: Update V2022.2.5.27 Brings Quality-of-Life Changes

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Reforged TD - Tower Defense has received Update V2022.2.5.27 that brought some needed quality-of-life changes.

One notable improvement in Update V2022.2.5.27 is that players can now exit all of the menus in Reforged TD by pressing the ESC key. Moreover, players can use the TAB key to switch from the lobby name input field to the password input field and vice versa.

Another thing worth mentioning is that new sound effects have been added to give players better feedback on what interaction they have just made in the game. A new button that shows or hides the chat window has been implemented as well.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug where the display text for the next wave was not shown at the top center of the screen
  • Fixed a bug where the second upgrade of the Gatling Tower was not assigned correctly
  • The third upgrade of the Crossbow Tower "Quick Reload" now requires 10 instead of 15 points to upgrade it
  • The map the "Winter is coming" has been made a little easier in the challenge mode
  • If you enter the challenger mode after the first wave has started, the existing progress will be reset. A warning will be given before exiting
  • The buttons around the life or mana sphere have been enlarged and placed further to the sides of the sphere
  • The chat in multiplayer now hides after 15 seconds if no message has been received and the focus is not on the chat input field. The time invert and the automatic hiding can be set via the configuration
  • The tower menu now shows in color whether you can afford the upgrade for the tower
  • The button to set the profile has been removed. You can now access the menu by clicking on the profile icon
  • The label for the coins and the stars in the main menu has been enlarged
  • The lamps in the game can no longer be clicked when a UI element is between the camera and the lamp
  • If changes have been made in the settings and you want to leave the menu without saving, a security query is now triggered to ask whether you really want to leave the menu without saving
  • The main menu has been re-rendered and should no longer contain dark zones
  • The map Twistet Paths is now available in Challenger Mode in the Map pool

Reforged TD Update V2022.2.5.27 is available on PC.

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