Reentry Update 0.991: Gemini OBC Updates and Other Fixes

Reentry Update 0.991
Reentry Update 0.991 Steam

Reentry recently received an update focused on Gemini Computer Updates and UI scaling, alongside fixes for several in-game issues.

Gemini Computer Updates

The developer has given some major changes to the Gemini Onboard Computer. Now, the COMP light is used as a signal to execute the burn. After everything is set, the COMP light will extinguish two minutes before the burn and illuminate again to execute the burn. Also, the Memory Core map checklist has been updated, along with the checklists for burns.

UI Scaling

In the latest update, players now have the option to change the size of the UI between 0.5x and 2x. Players can do this by heading to the Main Menu > Settings, but should keep in mind that this scaling will affect in-game elements.

Reentry Update 0.991

  • Made so that the Gemini COMP light gives you a cue to when you should burn. It will now extinguish 2 minutes before a planned burn, and illuminate when the burn should start.
  • Remade the MDIU logic. Digits will now spin in sequence and make some noise as irl.
  • Fixed the issue that made the S-IVB rotate even when docked with the LM as it's still attached to the LV.
  • Fixed some bad stuttering in the Apollo CSM during pad operations.
  • Updated the Gemini MEMORY CORE checklist.
  • Converted some of the internal values in the Gemini OBC from metric to imperial.
  • Corrected bug that occasionally prevents the Checklist Guidance System to highlight first switch when running a checklist.
  • Updates to the Lunar Module academy lesson 1 - ingress and lesson 2 - activation to correct the initial panel state and lesson logic.
  • Fixed so a mission command that requests a switch (highlighter shows) will be removed when the switch is correctly set.
  • Fixed so that the highlighter would stop showing a spring switch as an "error" because it springs back from for example UP to MIDDLE.
  • Updated the logic behind the CM and LM light-tests and caut lights in the Lunar Module.
  • Added a Description field to the checklist that will make it easier to read the file manually (json).
  • Doubled the resolution of panel 225, 226 and 229 in the CSM.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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