Redout Patch 1.7.1 Improves Epic Account Linking, Patch Notes Here

Redout 34BigThings

Redout, the sci-fi racing game by 34BigThings received an important update recently. Patch 1.7.1 brought several improvements and bug fixes, including the ones for rare game crashes.

The patch improved the Epic account linking feature. You can link your account by visiting game options. A couple of rare game crashing issues are addressed as well.

From now on, players won’t be able to visit the online menu when they are online. In the Steam version, both the host and the player count will be shown in the main menu. However, in the EGS version, only the host count will be shown.

The fog behavior in Europa has been improved; it is now foggier. Lighting on Rotorua is enhanced and several track surface textures on Abruzzo are fixed.

You can check out the changes below.

  • Improved Epic account linking feature. You can now manage it in the game options. (Note: switching versions from legacy vredition to current update on Steam disables the link. To restore it, link the account again).
  • Fixed some rare game crashes.
  • External ship HUD is now restored correctly on retrying or restarting events after being eliminated.
  • Re-introduced host and player count in main menu on Steam and host count only on Epic.
  • You can no longer enter online menu while being offline.
  • Position tracker on SRRL ships sometimes could’ve gone haywire after crashing on portal rims. Not anymore.
  • Fixed minor issues with options in the pause menu.
  • Fixed boss portals appearing as a black, endless void. Now you can see through them.
  • Fixed some track surface textures on Abruzzo.
  • Improved fog behavior on Europa. Now it’s foggier!
  • Fixed disappearing sky on PArty Rock-219’s moon. SRRL swears it’s not a hologram.
  • Improved lighting on Rotorua.
  • Minor lighting improvements on all other environments.

You can read the complete patch notes via Steam as well.

You can purchase Redout: Enhanced Edition on Steam for only $19.99. The game is available on Epic Games Store as well.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Redout recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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