The Red Mask Joins the Tower of God: New World

Tower of God Red Mask
Check out who's joining the climb. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Tower of God: New World and introduces players to a new teammate. There are also new limited-time events launch along with other new content.

Let's start with the new playable teammate which is the SSR [Red Mask] Hwaryun (Red Element, Warrior, Guide). With the skilled traits of FUG member Yuto, [Red Mask] Hwaryun is a good Warrior when it comes to physical attacks especially as she can utilizes her skills to stun and provoke enemies. She can also give a buff to her allies which can increase physical piercing attacks.

Hell Train Arena

The latest update also introduces what's known as the Hell Train Arena where players across the entire server get to fight one another for a 14-day period. Players have to successfully advance to the next train for the chance to win top honors in the Name Hunt Station Festival lineup.

In return, participants get to receive valuable rewards that include, among other:

  • Normal Summon Tickets
  • Black Market Tickets
  • Exclusive Equipment Enhancement Extract
  • Revolution Fragment
  • SSR Soulstones

New Limited-time Events

Starting April 11 and all the way to April 25, the second part of the Flowery Spring Campaign is now live and features multiple events for players to enjoy. These are:

  • Story Event [A Scarf in the Flowery Spring – When I Think of You Part 2]
    • Players can experience an original story that depicts a young Ha Yuri and Lero Ro climbing the tower as well as entering Battle stages.
    • Players get to earn different various gifts that include [Red Mask] Hwaryun, Shining Revolution Fragment and Suspendium.
  • [Flowery Spring Part 2] Event Exchange Shop
    • Players can exchange items obtained from the story event for SSR [Red Mask] Hwaryun Soulstone, Rare Whetstone and more.
  • [Flowery Spring Part 2] Check-In Event
    • Check-in the game during the event period and receive valuable rewards including [Red Mask] Hwaryun Hot Deal Summon Tickets and Suspendium.

Tower Fun Run

There's also a Tower Fun Run Event that's now open for all players until April 25. Players can level up their board by finishing laps of Tower Fun Run and earn gifts like:

  • SSR [Red Mask] Hwaryun
  • Revolution Fragment
  • SSR Soulstone
  • Suspendium
  • Master Key

As the player board levels rise, there's a greater number of rewards available.

In Tower of God: New World, players get to take control of fan-favorite characters to climb the Tower. The game is now available on Google Play and the App Store. There is also a PC version available.

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