Tower of God: New World Welcomes Vicente to the Roster

A new hero arrives. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Tower of God: New World as sees the addition of a new hero to the roster. Players can now add SSR [Shattered Pride] Vicente (Red Element, Assassin, Sorcerer) to their team. He is the brother of Hoaqin and is actually one of the personalities that's been in slumber within White. However, he now stands on the other side of Hoaqin and has resulted in making White's personality more whole. This assassin uses Spells to teleport his enemies and is known for his debuff and buff skills.

Aside from a new playable character, players can also enjoy a new side story titled as "Herring Chase." This story depicts Vicente and Wangnan Ja recalling the past while looking for a way to stop Hoaqin.

Expedition Event

There's also a new Alliance Expedition Event where players get to challenge a Boss with their Alliances. This event gives them the chance to earn Alliance Coins of up to 25,000. There's also Alliance Borders that's based on their Alliance Ranking. This event end March 23.

Limited-Time Events

There are also limited-time events which run until March 28 and offer special rewards. These are:

  • White Day Countdown Check-in Event
    • Check-in the game for 14 days during the event period and receive multiple rewards that include the Cream Pudding Rapport item, [Shattered Pride] Vicente Hot Deal Summon Tickets (x40), Suspendium (x3,000) and more.
  • White Day Celebration 'One-Fifth Matchers' Event
    • Obtain One-Fifth Matchers and valuable rewards like SSR+ Soulstone, Normal Summon Tickets and more by simply logging into the game and participating in the event.
  • Vicente's Growth Mission
    • Complete growth missions to receive the SSR [Shattered Pride] Vicente once more, along with Normal Summon Tickets and Exclusive Equipment Enhancement items.
  • Event Boss 'Mule Love'
    • Fight against the new event boss Mule Love and obtain Ranking Rewards such as Suspendium and Data Shard.

In Tower of God: New World, players get to take control of fan-favorite characters and ascend the Tower. They get to Twenty-Fifth Bam, along with more than 90 characters, as he fights his way through the Tower. Players get to enjoy gorgeous 3D animation as it makes them like they've truly stepped into an anime world. Players also experience fast-paced battle mechanics.

The game is now available on Google Play and the App Store. A PC version is also available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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