Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Time to Look for the Ember of the East

Blood money in full swing.
Blood money in full swing. Rockstar Games

Two weeks back, Red Dead Online released its Blood Money update which introduces new ways to play. One of these is Opportunities where everyone is tasked with preventing the rise of a senator. To make these happen, players are required to steal jewels.

For this week, the goal is to find The Ember of the East, a flawless ruby said to be hidden somewhere in Annesburg. Rumors are going around that the senator’s liaison is in conflict with the foreman of the local mine. The trick is to keep your cool to get additional information.

Players who can complete this mission before August 2 get a free Off-Hand Holster. Those who can do it under Ruthless difficulty can unlock the Annesburg Cap, which can be bought from Madam Nazar.

The Dockside Contract

This week as well, The Dockside Contract is available for those who want to cement their reputation as an ally. This is a set of three new missions available from the local Blood Money contact. In this one, players are asked to help tie up some loose ends and then hit a local shipping business.

Quick Draw Club

The Quick Draw Club No. 1 is still live and those who make progress get to unlock, among others, the Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant and 25 Ranks. Players who buy this pass have all items up to their current Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rank instantly unlocked.

Read more about the Quick Draw Club here.

Weekly Offers

Also for this week, players can pack up and move around the map. That’s because the camp set-up fees are waived for the entire week.

There are also the usual discounts like the five Gold Bars off the price of the Butcher Table. Gunsmiths are offering a 30% discount on all Repeaters while Tailors are offering 40% off on all Standard (Non-Role) Outfits.

Other discounts offered are:

  • 30% Discount
    • Role Improved Saddles and Saddlebags
    • Bounty Wagon
    • Varmint Rifle
    • Navy Revolver
  • 40% Discount
    • Camp Dogs
    • Camp Themes
    • Clothing, Trinkets, and Equipment at Gus’ Store
    • Ponchos

Prime Gaming

We end this week’s update with Prime Gaming offers. Members get a free Saddle as well as two free Treasure Maps. There is also 40% off the Fast Travel Post.

What did you think of this week’s update? By the way, you can learn more about the Blood Money update here.

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