Red Dead Online Giving Players the Chance to Earn Some Blood Money

Get to learn more about what's coming.
Get to learn more about what's coming. Rockstar Games

The next big update for Red Dead Online is still a week away. However, we get the details early, and it seems players will get their hands dirty. That’s because everyone is expected to provide service to the members of the Saint Denis society.

Blood Money

Over in Lemoyne’s capital, there are whispers in the alleys that Guido Martelli is looking for gunslingers. Martelli, for those not familiar, is the right-hand man and underboss to Angelo Bronte. Since Martelli is all about results, he’s looking for someone who is not afraid to use their weapon.

The job isn’t directly about shooting a person but it could end like that. Martelli wants a valuable commodity called Capitale recovered. This was originally developed as a unique system of exchange to make sure that “sensitive” deals aren’t seen by the taxman. But now every lowlife across the five states has it, so both Bronte and Martelli want it back. Those able to find and return it will be rewarded by Martelli.

Time to do Crime

While there is a need to find the Capitale, Martelli is not shy with giving players the lead on where it can be found. By visiting these different contacts, players can get access to a new type of work called Crimes. It includes different activities from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups and all the way to multi-stage robberies. There may even be some kidnapping or debt collections.

Players can take on Crimes solo or with a full Posse. While doing these various Crimes, players need to keep a sharp lookout for Capitale that can be returned to Martelli. There are also Capitale stashes scattered on different areas in Free Roam.

All About Opportunities

Players who can collect and return enough Capitale to Martelli get access to Opportunities. These are activities that Martelli expects to be done with the aim of ending the career of a rising Lemoyne senator.

Each Opportunity has different tasks and needs diverse approaches to complete. For example, players may be asked to listen to conversations or lookout for important targets. A total of five Opportunities are planned and three of them will be released on July 13, the same day as the update arrives. The other two are to be launched at a later date.

Quick Draw Club

The upcoming update introduces the Quick Draw Club, a series of four distinct rapid-fire passes released in consecutive installments. Buying each membership gives rewards, bonuses, and items. For each consecutive pass bought, players earn additional perks and rewards.

Each pass costs 25 Gold Bars. Though, they can pretty much be earned back by finishing the Pass' 25 Ranks. Players who buy all four passes get the new Halloween Pass 2 for free.

A Lot of New Stuff

As part of the new update, the Skill and Satchel Pamphlets will be on general sale at the Fence. There are also clothing items from the Outlaw Passes No. 2 and No. 3 returning.

What do you think? Is the new update worth the wait?

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