Red Dead Online Blood Money Now Available

Time to get those hands dirty.
Time to get those hands dirty. Rockstar Games

The Blood Money update is finally available in Red Dead Online. This new content allows players to experience civilized crime with each step giving out greater rewards.

To start the journey, players need to go to the west side of Saint Denis and look for Angelo Bronte’s right-hand man, Guido Martelli. After getting acquainted with him, players immediately get access to Crimes and Opportunities.

Martelli is looking to recover a unique commodity called Capitale. This is actually a system of exchange that was developed by the Bronte family to be used for sensitive businesses.

Meet the Gang

To get access to potential crimes, players need to introduce themselves to different members of Martelli’s gang. If this is the first time you’re meeting them, they’ll probably need you to prove your worth before trusting you with anything. The members are:

  • Anthony Foreman
    • Leader of the Foreman Brothers gang.
    • Can be found at Radley’s House in Rhodes.
    • Also frequents Doyle’s Tavern in Saint Denis.
  • James Langton
    • A bounty hunter of ill repute based in New Austin.
    • Can be found in Hennigan’s Stead or at his cabin at Lake Don Julio.
  • Sean Macguire
    • A serial thief and murderer that’s been separated temporarily from the gang.
    • Find him at Great Plains or in Tall Trees.
  • Joe
    • Closely associated with other lowlifes including Micah, Cleet, and Samson Finch
    • Joe can be found in Osman Grove, New Hanover.

Crime Contracts

The Blood Money update introduces three multi-part Crime Contracts, each one having its own story. These are:

  • The Railroad Contract
  • The Jeb Phelps Contract
  • The Bluewater Contract

Those not afraid to get their hands dirty can do other jobs. Just keep a sharp lookout for Homestead and Camp Robberies.


There are also Opportunities that players can take on. To access these, it is important to gather Capitale for Martelli. One of the activities is to take down the rising Lemoyne senator that’s being a thorn to the operations of the Bronte family. To make this happen, players need to steal the three Jewels of the West.


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Read all about the Blood Money update here.

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