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More rewards available.
More rewards available. Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online is introducing a series of four unique rapid-fire passes with the Quick Draw Club. This new content arrives in the game courtesy of the upcoming Blood Money update. It’s been developed with the personalities of the criminal underbelly in mind. Players who join the club get rewards, bonuses, and even items to help them survive a possible life of crime.

Each of the passes costs 25 Gold Bars and access to 25 Ranks. That may sound a bit expensive but there’s a chance to earn it back by finishing all 25 Ranks. There are also additional perks earned for each consecutive pass that a player buys. Plus, buying all four passes rewards players The Halloween Pass 2 for free.

Quick Draw

The Quick Draw Club No. 1 is available from July 13 to August 9. During this period, players can unlock:

  • Dutch’s Redcliff Outfit
  • The Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant
  • The Rushword Shirt
  • The Fircroft Hat
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars and More

For the other passes, here are what players can expect:

  • Quick Draw Club No. 2
    • Duration: August 10 to September 6
    • Get to unlock:
      • Rowberrow Outfit
      • Haverhill Hat
      • Cartridge Wraps
  • Quick Draw Club No. 3
    • Duration: September 7 to October 4
    • Get to unlock:
      • Beadnell Sight
      • Bagshot Knife
      • Layham Jacket
    • Galleywood Wraps
  • Quick Draw Club No. 4
    • Duration: October 5 to October 27
    • Get to unlock:
      • Ibarra Mauser Pistol Variant
      • Huntingdock Coat
      • Forester Poncho
    • Dunster Outfit

Blood Money Update

The Blood Money update arrives in the game next week, July 13. Once it drops, players need to prepare to get their hands dirty. There’s going to be something called Capitale that players need to recover and get rewarded in return.

While looking for Capitale, players are introduced to Crimes. These are work that includes the likes of coach holdups and multi-stage robberies. A debt collection or kidnapping may also be in the mix.

Bringing back enough Capitale gives players access to Opportunities. These are different activities with one goal which is to end the career of a senator. Most of the activities aren’t as straightforward and may need a distinct approach to complete.

Read more about the upcoming Blood Money update here.

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