Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Roadmap: New Operators and Map Reworks

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege continues to improve years after release. This is one game that is doing live-service correctly. Year 6 Roadmap of Siege was revealed yesterday and we got tons of new information. The livestream of 47 minutes covered everything, from map reworks to new operators. You can watch the complete video below.

Year 6 Roadmap

The roadmap isn’t anything surprising. Year 6 will contain four seasons and each will come with one new operator instead of two, as it was previously announced. There will not be any new maps but reworks of existing maps.

Every season will also contain one mid-season event and two arcade modes. All of this will be accompanied by core gameplay changes.

Year 6 Roadmap
Year 6 Roadmap Ubisoft

Season 1 to 4

Season 1 will bring Flores, an Argentinian attacker who got drones strapped with an explosive. I like it already. You can try out Flores on the Test Server right now. The said season will also bring rework to the Border map.

Season 2 will bring a Nakoda operator (indigenous people of Western Canada) along with a rework to the casual map, Favela. Season 3 will bring the game’s first Croatian operator and several small tweaks to three maps. Irish operator and rework to the map Outback will be introduced in Season 4.

No More Year Pass

Rainbow Six Siege will not feature a Year 6 Pass. It is now combined with the Battle Pass, so you won’t have to purchase a $30 Year Pass and four $10 Battle Passes. If you purchase the Battle Pass, then you will get instant access to the new operator. However, the exclusivity period of the new operator is increased to two weeks instead of one.

Battle Pass too will give you instant access to exclusive cosmetics items that were previously part of the Year Pass. This is a good step by Ubisoft as players won’t have to purchase two separate passes.

Feel free to check out our previous article for more information about Year 6 Season 1: Operation Crimson Heist.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege ? Which season are you most interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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