Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Pre-Season: Ammo, Flash, and Screen Shakes

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Ubisoft posted the Y6S3 Pre-Season Designer's Notes for Rainbow Six Siege. The developer talks about the upcoming system rework that aims to make the game more consistent. These changes will be tested in the Technical Test Servers before going to the live build. Below are some of the changes mentioned in the notes.

Ammo Count and Magazines

Primary weapons will get a consistent magazine range depending on the type of weapon:

  • Assault Rifles magazines will vary from 175 to 200. This change will make players think before they shoot and waste ammo.
  • LMG will vary from 240 to 300. No changes on ammo have been made here, as the weapons are pretty balanced.
  • Primary SMG magazines will vary from 170 to 200. These guns usually don’t have much recoil and have a lot of bullets to spare. So, the developers have reduced the ammo count to discourage players from wasting bullets.
  • DMR magazines will vary from 100 to 140. These weapons are rarely picked because of their difficulty and limited ammo. So, the increase in total ammo will help players play more aggressively.
  • Primary Shotgun magazines will vary from 49 to 60. Since these guns are mainly used to modify the bombsites by making rotations, the ammo count has been increased.

Flash Detection

Flashbangs and gadgets that emulate types of flashes will get some changes. This takes the environment and angle of the explosion into consideration for the duration of the flash effect. Defenders can also use this to keep a distance from enemy flashes to reduce the time being blind. Ying will have to calculate before throwing her candelas, and Blitz will have to walk close to the enemies to get the full flash effect.

Screen Shakes

This has been one of the most annoying features in the game as it cannot be deactivated. So, the developers are planning on making some adjustments. Gadgets like Ela's GRZMOT Mines, Zofia's KS79 Lifeline concussion grenades, Echo's Yokai sonic bursts, and Nomad's Airjab Launcher repulsion devices will no longer have any screen shakes. Other operators will still give enemies a small screen shake, but it will be easier to fight back.

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