Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Now Live On Test Server, Patch Notes Here

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R6 Neon Dawn
R6 Neon Dawn Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Operation Neon Dawn was announced a couple of days ago. The DLC will bring tons of new content like a brand new defending Operator, a map rework, additional features, and much more.

Just like every other Operation, this one will also be tested in the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server first before making its way to the final build. Ubisoft has released the patch notes for the update. You are going to have to download almost the entire game, because this patch is a big one. The update will be around 60GB in size. Ubisoft is changing the way Rainbow Six Siege is stored by bringing more data consolidation. That’s why the update is so massive. This should also reduce the overall loading time.

The developers also made changes to Explosion Haze, Lord Tachanka, Match Replay, and Sound. You can read more about the changes below. The complete patch notes, which also show all the bug fixes, are mentioned on the official Reddit thread.



  • A larger download (~60GB) will be required for Y5S4 due to a data consolidation.
  • This is in order to save disk space, reduce overall build size, and improve loading times for players.
  • The final build size for the Y5S4 Seasonal TS will be around 53GB-68GB total (without the HD texture pack).



Explosion Haze

  • Explosion haze will be removed from all maps with Y5S4.0 to ensure consistency and reliability, which is not achieved with the current haze system.

Tachanka Changes

  • After previously shown on the TS, the Withstand ability will not be available to Tachanka.
  • Due to unavoidable constraints, voice lines have been recorded with a new voice actor for Tachanka upon the release of his rework. We thank Anatoly Zinoviev for his past work as Tachanka's voice actor and for the passion he was able to provide to both the role and to the community.

Match Replay

  • The file size of replays is optimized from 30MB/min to 7MB/min.
  • Player view can be adjusted by selecting numeric keys 0 through 9.
  • Uplay friends will have "Watching a MATCH REPLAY" status when they're watching a replay.
  • Art has been updated for Watch section.
  • Game flow of Match Replay has been updated.
  • You can quick select a player by clicking on their player card.

Muffled Sounds - Low Health

  • Muffled sounds when players are low in health have been toned down. Players will find themselves at less of a disadvantage in these situations.
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