Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn Teased

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R6 Neon Dawn
R6 Neon Dawn Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for a new Season, and Ubisoft has teased the official name of the operation, Neon Dawn. The previous Season, Operation Shadow Legacy introduced a ton of new features, as well as Sam Fisher being added as a playable Operator in the game.

While we don't know everything that Operation Neon Dawn contains, Ubisoft has revealed the Operator that's coming in the new Seasona. Aruni, a defender from Thailand, will be joining the Rainbow Six Siege roster in Operation Neon Dawn. In addition to that, fans are also expecting a rework of the Skyscraper map.

Speaking of Aruni, she is a defender who is going to be equipped with the MK14 EBR, the same DMR that Dokkaebi uses. Aruni also has the P10 RONI sub-machine gun, used by Mozzie, and a PRB92 pistol, equipped by Caveira, Capitão, and Nomad. She's also said to have an entry-denial gadget called the Surya Laser Gate, which prevents enemies from entering any doorway by dealing damage. According to some leaks, Aruni's prosthetic arms also allows her to create holes in breakable surfaces, but we don't think that she'll be able to create rotations like Oryx does.

In the previous Season, Operation Shadow Legacy, Ubisoft introduced Sam Fisher to the game, who has proven to be a fun attack operator. We also received a Chalet map rework, which has received mixed reactions from fans. Rainbow Six Siege also introduced a new attacker gadget called the Hard Breach Charge. Gun sights were reworked, giving players additional optics for weapons, and Ping 2.0 made the pinging more communicative without the need for a microphone. Besides these changes, Siege also received a lot more quality of life changes and Operator balancing. We aren't sure that Operation Neon Dawn will also introduce similar changes, but it seems highly unlikely.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also getting a next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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