Rainbow Six Siege Will Launch On Next-Gen Consoles

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Rainbow Six Siege
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It has been confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The exact release date is unknown, however it will be near when the next-gen consoles hit the stores. Game Director Leroy Athanassof told Windows Central about the possibility of playing Siege on superior platforms.

"I can't give you a date is because those dates are, in the end, on the people doing the next-gen consoles," said Athanassof. "What I can tell you is that we are going to be on [PS5 and Xbox Series X] from launch."

Next-Gen consoles will receive the same version of the game as the rest of the players. This means that Siege will have cross-generation support. So, if you buy Siege on PS5 then you can still play the game with PS4 players. "What we want for this game is that we never, never, never split our community," Athanassoff said. "We want to be on as [many] platforms as possible."

However, cross-platform support could be trickier as it is not in the hands of developers only. Developers have shown their interest in full cross-play, but it depends more on Microsoft and Sony. "We would love to be fully cross-play -- have Xbox players matchmaking against the PlayStation players, again, this is more a discussion between Microsoft and Sony," Athanassoff said.

Athanassoff also confirmed that PC will never have console cross-play support. We think it’s mostly due to Keyboard and Mouse advantages that PC players have over consoles.

In other news, Year 5 Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege has just hit the Test Servers. Void Edge brings two new operators, Iana and Oryx. Oregon has also been reworked, especially the basement floor. You can check out the patch notes for the next big update over here.

So what do you think? Will you play Siege on next-gen consoles? Or will you stick to current-gen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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