Rainbow Six Siege Updates Cosmetic Rules For NA region

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave pcgamesn

Ubisoft has just announced that all Rainbow Six Siege competitive matches in North American regions will follow a new guideline for player cosmetics. These new cosmetic updates will help keep the game fair for every player in the match.

There have been multiple issues where players had trouble spotting other operators, as these operators used skins to blend in with the environment. Skins such as Ember Rise were hated by the community and eventually removed from the competitive scene and the store, as it gave a major advantage to the players who equipped it. Players who had skins that helped them blend in were able to abuse the surroundings and kill the other players with ease on every single map.

The upcoming changes to the competitive rule book states that only the following uniforms and headgear will be allowed to use in competitive matches:

  • Pilot Program 1 & 2 Team Skins [G2, Rogue, Liquid, etc.]
  • Pro League Gold Sets
  • Default Skins
  • Future Phase 3 Esports Skins

All other uniforms and headgear are banned from competitive gameplay in the North American regions. The new rules will follow in other regions soon. This change is only limited to operator skins, and there won’t be any changes on rules about weapon skins or weapon charms.

The changes every season brings in terms of meta, operators, and other game aspects makes the game very difficult to play at a higher level. The past few seasons have revolved around fragging/ getting kills, with the most aggressive teams getting the best results. Along with the server degradations and hit registration issues, it makes the game unplayable, unless played on LAN.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave includes two new operators, Ace and Melusi, which are available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox for all the season pass owners.

So, what do you think of the new cosmetic updates for competitive games? Do you think this change will bring an equal advantage to the competitive scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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