Rainbow Six Siege Update: Tachanka Rework Revealing Tomorrow

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Tachanka R6S
Tachanka R6S Zedge

Rainbow Six Siege's Tachanka is a fan-favorite Operator not because of his viability, but because of his poor kit and meme value. The Operator desperately needed a rework, and it took Ubisoft a full five years to give the operator a makeover. Ubisoft confirmed Tachanka's rework back in February during the Six Invitational Finals. Now, it is set to make a full reveal of the rework tomorrow.

Out of all the 57 Operators that Rainbow Six Siege currently has, Tachanka is deemed to be the weakest. Currently, Tachanka's kit consists of an SMG/shotgun, pistol, and his iconic RP-46 Degtyaryov mountable turret. It is this turret that is the root of the Operator's lack of viability. Not only does the turret take a long time to mount and dismount, but also using it makes an Operator stationary and an easy target for the opponent. Now, the turret itself is a powerful weapon that is quick at taking out enemies and creating new sightlines through breachable walls, but it also puts the user at risk and requires calculated placement to cover a wide angle.

Details on Tachanka's rework were leaked last month on Reddit. It seems that the Operator will now have a portable turret instead of the stationary one. Additionally, the turret will also enable the player to create rotations. What's more interesting about Tachanka's rework is his tactical incendiary grenade launcher, which sounds like a powerful defensive gadget that can block entry points. It'll also be interesting to see if the Operator receives a movement speed buff, which should further tighten up his viability and make him a lucrative pick in competitive modes.

Of course, many longtime fans may feel saddened to see the new changes, even if they are necessary for the 'Lord.' But, it's an important update that should further improve the Rainbow Six Siege experience going forward.

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