Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes: Rooftop Rework, Vault Detection Changes, And More

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TS Patch Notes
TS Patch Notes Earlygame

Ubisoft, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, just released their patch notes for the Siege test server which includes the new rooftop reinforcement rework, vault detection changes, and bomb remodel to prevent pixel peeks.

The main change is the rooftop rework, which reinforces hatches across all maps by default. These hatches will have to be destroyed by a hard breacher. This rework is still being tested and if players don’t like the changes, Ubisoft will revert them back to the normal destructible hatches. The vault detection changes are also really helpful in detecting spawn peeks and runouts from defenders. This will make it easier for the attackers to spot aggression from the defenders.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


Rooftop hatches will be pre-reinforced on all maps on the Y5S3 Test Server. Custom matches will not be impacted.


  • IANA - Iana's Holograms will no longer trigger metal detectors.
  • Vault prompt consistency after meleeing a barricade (See Vault Detection changes). Previously you could sometimes vault barricades after one melee. Barricades will now require at least two melee hits before the vault prompt will appear.
  • Bomb remodel tweaks to fix issues with pixel peeks.
  • Removed the delay from Defender runout detection and notification.
  • New naming convention for shields. All shields will now display 'SHIELD' as their weapon type. (ex: Le Roc Shield, G-52 Tactical Shield, CCE Shield).



  • FIXED - Breaching charges display fire spark VFX if they're destroyed without being detonated.
  • FIXED - Firearms can sometimes get stuck if players pick up deployable gadgets during the animation and using other buttons simultaneously.
  • FIXED - Gadgets/projectiles can sometimes pass through surfaces if they are thrown while leaning, prone, and while forcing collision.
  • FIXED - Inconsistent objective scan detection by drone on bomb sites.
  • FIXED - Issues with gadget deployment and consistency when interacting with destructible/fragile map assets (see Gadget Deployment Refactor).
  • FIXED - Popping animation when running downhill.
  • FIXED - Small barricades can be vaulted after just one hit.
  • FIXED - Various vault fixes (see Vault Detection Improvement).
  • FIXED - Weapons appear in the middle of a deployable gadget while gadget is being deployed/cooked.
  • FIXED - When melee hitting an electrified deployable shield, players take 15 damage (should be consistent with damage taken from electrified reinforced walls/barbed wire - which is three dmg).


  • FIXED - Chalet stuff. ( See Chalet rework.)
  • FIXED - Exploitable gaps in various map areas.
  • FIXED - Clipping/Dynamic Clipping issues.
  • FIXED - Various map props/assets.
  • FIXED - Minor chroma changes to destructible walls for better clarity.
  • FIXED - Carpets on Coastline are not destroyed when hit by explosives (see Gadget Deployment Refactor).
  • FIXED - Counters in 1F Kitchen Outback are missing some materials.
  • FIXED - Defenders sometimes spawn in the air at 2F Bunk on Theme Park.
  • FIXED - Echo's Yokai can get stuck behind a water dispenser in 1F Skylight Stairwell of Bank.
  • FIXED - Explosion damage can pass through the metal desk in B CCTV of Bank.
  • FIXED - Invisible ceiling collision when navigating with Echo's Yokai at B Main Stairway on Bank.
  • FIXED - Issues with gadget deployment on the top window of EXT East Staircase window on Hereford.
  • FIXED - Placing and detonating a nitro cell or impact grenade on the flag in 2F Consul Office of Consulate will not deal damage to any nearby operators.
  • FIXED - Small gap above the double doors of EXT Visa Entrance of Consulate.
  • FIXED - The defuser can be dropped in a difficult to access area in EXT Cannon Overlook on Fortress.


  • FIXED - Frost's Muzzle Flash with her 9mm sub-machine gun extended barrel is misplaced.
  • FIXED - Maestro's Evil Eyes should now match the same deployment behavior of other deployable gadgets.
  • FIXED - Montagne and Clash cannot extend their shields while crouched.
  • FIXED - Montagne's extended shield is automatically equipped if the player presses the key/button for his shield and then stands up later.
  • FIXED - Small destructible objects can block Melusi's Banshee's LOS.


  • FIXED - Defender's weapon attachments sometimes spawn with a delay after the start of the round.
  • FIXED - In custom matches, the Hostage can still be killed even after setting Hostage death to off.
  • FIXED - Issues with RFF + Hostage (See RFF/Hostage Update).
  • FIXED - Player's attachment loadout visual information does not update during operator selection after being changed.
  • FIXED - Various cosmetics visual issues.
  • FIXED - Various menu/HUD/shop display issues.
  • FIXED - Various minor menu/round SFX issues.


  • Fuze has the Nato red dot, and the holographic and reflex scopes available for the AK-12 (he should have the Russian red dot, Russian holo, the Russian reflex, 2.0x and Russian 2.5x)
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