Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Wants More Story/Lore

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In a recent interview with IGN, Rainbow Six Siege’s presentation director, Alexander Karpasiz, stated that the developer’s main focus in 2020 with Rainbow Six Siege is to introduce more story/lore in the game. Karpasiz mentioned that with the beginning of Year 5 Season 1, story elements are going to be huge for the developer. The presentation director went on to mention that the story will be told in the Battle Pass and through new Operators themselves.

There isn’t enough clarity as to how Ubisoft plans to incorporate these story elements. Back in February, Ubisoft mentioned it has a dedicated storytelling team that is behind creating the cinematics for the game. However, up until now, we have only seen the “The Hammer and The Scalpel” animated short film from the team. If this is how Ubisoft plans to add stories in their game, we could probably see another cinematic at the Six Invitational 2020.

Siege’s biggest story moments track back to the Outbreak event in 2018. It was the first time that players experienced Operators talking to each other and developing a personality. Although Outbreak was a limited-time event, the event has spun into a new game, Rainbow Six Quarantine, developed by a separate team. It could be possible that these two games will be united based on their lore and story.

As the game steps into its fifth anniversary, story elements for Rainbow Six Siege seem appealing. After the release of the first cinematic earlier this year, players were already expecting to see even more similar content. However, Ubisoft has been quiet up until now. It is also important to note that there are unique challenges when it comes to implementing stories in multiplayer games. Players are more focused on the competitive nature of the game, rather than on the story. It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft handles these challenges and if the storytelling team can live up to its claim.

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