Rainbow Six Siege S.I Group A Day 1 Results

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Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest event for 2021, the Six Invitational held in Paris, concluded its first playday. The two round-robin format groups allowed all teams to play each other once. The matches were set in a best of one, which made it intense and really difficult for players. Only the top four teams from each group would move ahead to the upper brackets, while the fifth to ninth placers would go to the lower bracket to try to get a spot in the playoffs. The 10th place of the group would be knocked out without a comeback chance.

EU Teams

Team Empire shocked everyone with their impressive performance against Team oNe, BDS esports, and Team Liquid. The reason why it surprised everyone was that Team Empire placed ninth in European League Stage 1, which made people think that Empire had lost its form. However, the LAN environment made a huge difference for Empire. Danil "JoyStiCK" Gabov from Empire had a terrible time fragging in EUL. But the LAN build was completely different for JoyStiCK as he carried his team with 41 kills across three matches. JoyStiCK was also crowned the MVP of Group A Day 1.

Standings of EU teams:

  • First place: Team Empire
  • Third place: BDS Esports
  • Ninth place: G2 Esports


LATAM is the most aggressive and scariest region to attend the Six Invitational. Their gun skills and coordination allowed every LATAM team in Group A to win two of three matches. Team Liquid placed second after losing their third game against the dominating Team Empire.

Standings of LATAM teams:

  • Second place; Team Liquid
  • Fourth place: Team oNe Esports
  • Fifth place: FURIA Esports
  • Sixth place: FaZe Clan

NA Teams

The only North American team, DarkZero Esports, didn’t perform well but all their games were quite close. Their matchup against BDS Esports went all the way to the 15th round yet they lost the final round. Similarly, they lost against FaZe Clan as they were unable to counter aggressive playstyles.

Standing of NA teams:

  • Seventh place: DarkZero Esports

APAC Teams

The only two APAC teams, Cloud9 and Cyclops Athlete Gaming, had no luck beating any team from other regions. However, Cloud9 was able to defeat CAG when they faced each other in Consulate.

Standings of APAC teams:

  • Eighth place: Cloud9
  • 10th place CAG

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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