Rainbow Six Siege Roadmap Updated; Permanent Arcade Mode and More Postponed

Rainbow Six Roadmap Update
Rainbow Six Roadmap Update Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been getting post-launch support for almost seven years now, and the developer has no plans of stopping. However, game development is difficult and nothing is ever written in stone. That’s why this year’s roadmap has once again been updated. Some of the content is delayed while others will be released as previously announced. The new roadmap is mentioned below.

Rainbow Six Siege: Updated Roadmap
Rainbow Six Siege: Updated Roadmap Ubisoft

As you would expect, Y7S4 will bring its Columbian Operator along with a new Competitive Map. However, some of the promised features won’t make the date.

Permanent Arcade Mode

The highly anticipated Permanent Arcade Mode is delayed, with a new target release window in Y8S1. The said mode will bring several previous time-limited Arcade Modes to the game permanently. However, the devs need more time to properly implement this feature.

Controller Input Presets

Controller players will have to wait a little longer for Controller Layout Presets. Advanced Controller Options to customize aiming and other QoL improvements for console players will now arrive in early Year 8.

[PLAYER PROTECTION] Early Voice Chat Penalties

The previously announced Early Voice Chat Penalties feature has also been delayed to next year. It will now arrive in Y8S1, giving toxic players some freedom for one more season. The developer needs more time to properly adjust the thresholds of reputation penalties.

Not all the promised features are postponed though. Cross-play and cross-progression are still coming next season, along with your season-time-limited event. The below-mentioned features will arrive in Y7S4 as well.


The biggest feature of next season will no doubt be the reworked Ranked mode. The 2.0 version is coming as planned and more details will be revealed during the Y7S4 reveal panel. Maybe I will finally get MMR for getting kills even if I lose the match.

[PLAYER PROTECTION] Reputation Score Display (Beta)

Just because the Early Voice Chat Penalties feature is delayed, it doesn’t mean you can be toxic without any repercussions. Starting next season, players will be able to see their reputation score. This score depends on your overall behavior. So, try to be positive and don’t be toxic.

You can check out the official blog for more information.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Rainbow Six Siege recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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