Rainbow Six Siege October 18 Patch Buffs Dokkaebi, Doc, Rook, and More

Doc (GIGN)
Doc (GIGN) Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3.3 Mid-Season patch is finally live on all platforms. The update doesn’t have any new content but it does bring a ton of balancing changes and tweaks. That’s why it is not a very big patch, with a size of around 1 GB.

Doc received a very major buff as his each Stim Pistol projectile will heal 200 HP instead of 40. He also received the Baliff as a secondary weapon option. Rook also received a major rework as his Armor Plates will now grant its wearer the ability to withstand.

The maximum ammo of Goyo and Kaid’s TCSG 12 is increased to 121 from the previous 71. M45 Meusoc Pistol has been added as a new secondary weapon option for Castle. Kali’s sniper, CSRX300, received damage output increase, now at 135 from the previous 127.

The rest of the highlights are mentioned below.


Logic bomb now affects defenders in Support Mode:
  • Logic Bomb cannot be interrupted for player in Support Mode.
    • Switch to Spectator Mode remains available.
    • If a Defender is eliminated while their phone is ringing, the Logic Bomb is not cancelled and the effect continues in support mode until the Logic Bomb timer is up.


  • Reduced the maximum Overheal to 20 hp (from 40)
  • After monitoring a shadow deployment over the last weeks, abusive text chat penalty will now be activated, starting with its "grace period".
  • During grace period all players will only see warnings so they can adapt to the new system.
  • After the grace period is over, players who have sent too many hateful or abusive text chats will receive the abusive text chat penalty which will be active on their account for 30 matches.
  • The Reputation section currently displays information about a player's active penalties and their remaining duration.
  • As the Reputation system evolves, this section will update to display more information about a player's Reputation as well as active penalties.
  • You can access this new section by clicking on the Reputation tile in the Home section.
  • With two penalties live, a Reputation tile has been added to the Home section, below the Alpha Packs tile.
  • This tile will display the number of active penalties and provide access to the Reputation section.

The patch also addresses several dozen bugs. You can read about them in great detail via the official site. Rainbow Six Siege is currently hosting a cool Halloween event. Click here for more information.

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