Rainbow Six Siege Patch Y4S2.2 Updates Reverse Friendly Fire Parameters And Lesion Gu Mine Cloaking

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Rainbow Six Siege releases patch Y4S2.2.
Rainbow Six Siege releases patch Y4S2.2. Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege released patch Y4S2.2, which brings with it bugfixes that are aimed at cleaning the issues raised during the Test Server. Two gameplay changes in particular have been updated.

The first is that the reverse friendly fire triggers for hostage interactions have been aligned to be more reflective of global RFF parameters. The second change is that the Lesion Gu Mine cloaking mechanics have been updated with Echo’s cloaking mechanic to prevent detection through ballistic shields.

Another gameplay change relates to Idle Kick. In particular the patch reduces Idle kick timer during prep phase while adding a new idle-kick feedback warning prompt.

In terms of bug fixes, these include:

  • Attackers can break their rotation axis through a series of steps, allowing them to spin like a top. No more Beyblade.
  • Placing certain gadgets (Jammer, Prisma, Evil Eye, etc.) in front of a destructible wall segment can interfere with later attempts to reinforce.
  • Shield operators can see an invisible Yokai VFX through their shield when the glass is damaged.
  • Players can lose partial functionality if they started to defuse at the same time as another defender.
  • Sometimes the Defuser can be pushed outside the bomb site by interactions with barricades and wall reinforcements.
  • Players are kicked after putting the hostage in DBNO during prep phase.

For User Experience, changes include:

  • Spamming of special characters in All Text chat causes freezing.
  • Players are put into a situation instantly after cancelling a discovery queue.
  • Updates to various UI elements.
  • Fixes for some modeling and texture issues.
  • Swapping between guns will make ADS to be offset when in Support mode.

After the patch was released, Ubisoft released an addendum that introduced additional balanced changes. The Stealth Gauge, for example, has been unified in order to maintain gameplay clarity and consistency. In particular, Vigil’s ERC-7 cloaking and Caveira’s Silent Step now use the same new gauge behavior system that was introduced with Nøkk. Further, all three abilities can be activated at any time (even while refilling) if above 20% ratio.

Changes have been made as well to the Ubiclub Challenges, Trophies, and Achievements. With the new season, the trophies and achievements have been modified to offer challenges that are corresponding to the current Siege experience. Below is a list of how different platforms are going to be impacted:

  • PS4/PC
    • Trophies in progress and not finished will be reset.
    • Trophies completed, will still be completed, but their description and visual aspect will be updated.
  • Xbox One
    • Trophies in progress and not finished, will see their progression carried over.
    • Trophies completed, will still be completed, but their description and visual aspect will be updated.

A full list of the changes in patch Y4S2.2 can be viewed here while the additional changes on the addendum can be read here.

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