Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight Goes Live Today For Year 4 Pass Owners

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight goes live today, June 11. However, this is limited to those who have the Year 4 Pass.

In Operation Phantom Sight, players get to meet two new Operators. The first is Warden, who is a Defender. Through his Glance Smart Glasses gadget, he is prevented from being blinded by flash effects. Warden also has an ability to cleanse and existing flash blindness and even gain visibility through smoke. He has the ability to turn what could be a disadvantageous situation to his favor. As long as he does not move, Warden has the ability to see through smoke and spot enemies.

The second Operator is the new Attacker Nøkk, who makes use of HEL Presence Reduction gadgets. Through her different tools, she is able to roam the map unseen. Her ambient noise output is lowered enough to the point that she is even undetectable to items like Bulletproof Cameras, Drones, and Evil Eyes.

In addition to the two new Operators, the Operation Phantom Sight update offers a number of improvements. Reverse Friendly Fire has been updated so that it now takes into account the entire squad’s action. Reverse Friendly Fire can now be activated for the whole squad if they continue to hurt their teammates. The shop front, meanwhile, has been redesigned to give it a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Ranked Mode is now more competitive and that much closer in format to the Pro League. Players can expect to have the Bomb, 3-round rotations, and Pick & Ban game modes become standard for all Ranked matches.

New skins have been added, including the Lesion prototype Elite skin. This is the perfect skin to dish out some venomous attacks, especially with its cutting-edge technology. Then there are the Destroyer, Secret Star, and Strike Force weapon skins.

Finally, a change that many players are sure to love is that the update reveals a complete rework of the Kafe Dostoyevsky map. This has led to the gameplay experience being totally revamped. The first floor has been redesigned, particularly around the North entrance. Meanwhile, the second floor has a new bombsite added. Finally, the Kafe map has been given a visual revamp to allow it to have a more chic and sleek ambience.

Operation Phantom Sight is available to all players beginning June 18. The update will release on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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