Rainbow Six Siege To Fix Poor Hit Registration In Future Patch Update

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rainbow six siege skyscraper
Rainbow Six Siege is often won or lost by a tiny pixel peek. Rainbow Six Pro League

Rainbow Six Siege is by far my favorite shooter of the past couple of years. It's a soul-crushing game and a win loss can sometimes come down to that perfect pixel peek through a wall. Precision is paramount in tactical shooters like Siege, but the game suffers from critical bugs that really affect gameplay in these high-pressure moments. 

According to reports from players, poor hit registration has plagued the game since its 2.2.1 update. In response to the complaints, Ubisoft tracked the issue to learn an increase in the number of made shots that the server rejected. To solve the issue, developers hope to submit a server-side fix in an upcoming patch. However, the patch still may not fix everything.

"We want to be clear that this fix will not address all hit registration and there are still going to be a small amount of shots that may get rejected or may appear as though they are rejected," Siege community developer Craig Robinson stated on reddit.

So what else is causing poor hit registration? According to Robinson, another possibility is poor kill-cam alignment, causing players to question shots that appear to have never hit.   

"Sometimes our tracking does not align with the community sentiment, where we do not see an increase of hit rejection," explained Robinson. "This may mean that there are other issues you are experiencing, such as kill cam inaccuracy, latency issues, or a bug regarding camera misalignment. We still look at videos and gifs you send us, but it may not specifically be associated with 'Hit Registration' and may be something else."

Again, when pixel-perfect precision is necessary to play the game, kill-cam misalignment is really hurting players. Ubisoft promises to work on making kill-cams more accurate. 

There's no solid date regarding when hit registration fixes will make it to Rainbow Six Siege, but Update 2.2.2 is expected to arrive sometime in late July or early August. Stay tuned as we hope to learn more in the weeks ahead.

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