Rainbow Six Siege North American League 2021 Stage 3: Playday 1

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Rainbow Six Siege’s North American League has started its third stage. This is a very important league as the ninth placers will be removed from the North American League. On the other hand, the first four teams will qualify for the November Six Major.

Astralis vs. Susquehanna Soniqs

Astralis just got acquired by Disrupt Gaming and has made its way into the Rainbow Six Siege pro scene. So, this was obviously an important match for Astralis. The match was played on Chalet, which is an attacker-sided map. Soniqs started out on the attack and was very impressive in the first round as they properly executed into the site and managed to get the round into a 5v1 situation. The last man standing on round one, Matthew “Dpfire” Macway of Astralis, almost clutched the round. But Dpfire was unable to get the final kill for his ace and clutch.

After almost losing the first round, Soniqs opted to play a very passive playstyle, where they would cut defenders rotations and pressure the enemies. Soniqs capitalized on the mistakes Astralis made while roaming and got kills. This made it easy for them to execute into the site and win rounds. The first half resulted in a 5-1 split. After the side switch, Astralis tried using a similar playstyle: cut off enemy rotations and pressure opponents. However, Soniqs knew how to counter their own strategy so they played safe with plenty of room to rotate. Soniqs was able to win two rounds on defense and the game with a 7-3 scoreline.

XSET vs. Beastcoast

This match was played on Kafe Dostoyevsky, which is a defender-sided map. XSET went through a massive roster change after Stage 2, which means they had no time to work on coordination. Beastcoast, on the other hand, regularly scrim with each other that made it easier for them to coordinate. Beastcoast took the first half with a 4-2 scoreline. After the side switch, Beastcoast made some insane plays, which won them more rounds.

One of them was in the final round where XSET had full control of the map and had vertical pressure on towards the site. But Beastcoast was able to rotate to the top floor and kill the enemies who were holding the vertical angles. Then Beastcoast used this vertical pressure to kill the others who were trying to execute into the site. Beastcoast won the game with a 7-4 scoreline.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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