This Rainbow Six Siege 'Frost & Lesion' Trap Strategy Is Ingenious

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Mix Frost's traps with Lesion's Gu mine for a deadly cocktail.
Mix Frost's traps with Lesion's Gu mine for a deadly cocktail. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has enjoyed milestone after milestone since it launched its Operation White Noise update in December. Last month, the official Siege Twitter page announced 25 million gamers play the tactical shooter. Experts attribute the wave of new players to Siege's consistent introduction of operators and maps that keep the game fresh, but it's also fascinating to see Ubisoft make significant changes to one of the game's original operators — my homie Kapkan.

I'm nasty with traps — map knowledge enables me to predict where attackers are most likely to push. And although the changes made in the Blood Orchid mid-season reinforcements have increased Kapkan traps to five, the detonations are no longer lethal. Even if all five traps were to trigger, Kapkan would only manage two and a half kills. Defenders lost a bit of their edge, but attackers should still watch their step:

I haven't encountered this in my matches until my friend Mike and I started using Frost and Lesion together. Essentially, the trap mat will down an attacker and hold him in place. By placing Lesion's Gu mine next to the map, the attacker will get hit with a double whammy that will kill them quite quickly.

The combo requires more utility, but it's totally worth it. Lesion traps are little more than a nuisance alone, but with a Frost trap, it can be an easy kill. Happy hunting!

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