Rainbow Six Siege FACEIT Pro League Launching In North America

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Get the chance to be a pro.
Get the chance to be a pro. Ubisoft

FACEIT has partnered with Ubisoft to launch the FPL NA Rainbow Six. The first qualifier is going to be from November 24 to November 30. The FPL, or the FACEIT Pro League, is a highly competitive and moderated solo-queue environment where players can socialize, practice, and more importantly, improve.

The FPL is renowned for its role in CS:GO where it has been linked to some of the world’s best success stories. Since 2015 the FPL has seen more than 30 players become professionals and the Rainbow Six league hopes to be able to have that same success.

Both FACEIT and Ubisoft hope that the FPL should be able to give the Rainbow Six Siege community, particularly in North America, a clear path to turning pro. In addition, it should also challenge the current pro talent pool by creating a highly competitive environment. Despite being launched just this August, the FPL Rainbow Six Siege in Europe has already seen some fantastic rivalries and created some interesting storylines.

With this, Rainbow Six Siege players on FACEIT get the chance to hone their skills and be able to compete and train with some of the game’s biggest stars. Overall, the starting players pool is going to be composed of pro players from NAL, the Challenger League, and even other top teams. Free agents are going to be part of the pool as well.

That’s not all, as every Rainbow Six Siege PC player in North America that is on the FACEIT platform has the chance to start their journey to FPL by earning Elo. This is a measure that represents a player’s skills on FACEIT. These players can take part in Elo-eligible competitions, which include the Daily and Weekly Cups. On the last week of each month, FACEIT is then going to invite the top 100 players from the FACEIT Elo rankings to the FPL Qualifier Hub. In here they compete in private matchmaking. The two players who top the FPL Qualifier leaderboard then get invited to the FPL and get to play with the pros.

That said, to make sure that the playing field is equal for everyone, FACEIT Elo is going to soft-rest on the platform. In addition, demotions and new invites are going to be managed by general consensus of the players competing in FPL.

In a statement, FPL Project Lead Milos Nedeljkovic said that the response of the Rainbow Six Siege Europe community to the FPL has been excellent and they are “really excited to expand into North America.” He went on to say that considering the impact FPL had on Europe, they “can’t wait to see the North American scene shine.

So are you ready to start your Rainbow Six Siege journey?

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