The Best Rainbow Six Siege Defense Operators For Beginners

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Defender Guide
Defender Guide

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has been out since 2015 and the meta keeps evolving with every update. With a roster of a whopping 52 characters, it can be a little overwhelming for new players to jump in and start blowing up walls. What makes it even more challenging is that each operator has a different approach to using their utilities and gadgets, and each one comes with a different loadout of weapons and gear. How do you know which operator to choose?

Don't worry, as we've done all the hard work to determine the best starting operators in Rainbow Six Siege. To start, let's just focus on the defending operators first. Here are some of the best defending operators you can use when starting out and grinding your way to the top.

Jager (GSG9)

Jager (GSG9)
Jager (GSG9) UbisoftUbisoft
  • Primary Weapon: 416-C Carbine AR (with holographic sight, vertical grip, flash hider)
  • Secondary Weapon: P12
  • Gadget: Automated Defense System (ADS)

Jager is the most played operator on defense, and his pick rate across all game modes comes in at over 98 percent. He has three ADS uses, which destroy incoming projectiles and grenades.

Jager’s primary weapon is one of the easiest to control in the game and he is quite nimble as a three speed operator.

Lesion (SDU)

Lesion (SDU)
Lesion (SDU) Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: T-5 SMG (with holographic sight, vertical grip, flash hider)
  • Secondary Weapon: Q-929
  • Gadget: Gu Mines

Lesion is a two speed operator who can move around the map and place Gu Mines. These mines cause an enemy's vision to become distorted, and slowly hurts the enemy over time.

The T-5 SMG is a very good gun to take in a gunfight and Lesion's weapon/gadgets have been nerfed quite a bit as they were too much of a disadvantage for the enemy team. That said, Lesion is still a strong pick for new players.

Frost (JTU)

Frost (JTU)
Frost (JTU) Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: 9mm C1 submachine gun (Red dot sight, suppressor, angled grip)
  • Secondary Weapon: MK1 9MM
  • Gadget: Welcome Mats

Frost is a two speed operator who can place up to three "welcome" mats around the map. If an emey steps on a mat, he or she will instantly fall into the down-but-not-out state. If a downed enemy steps on a mat, that person will immediately die.

You can use Frost to bait the enemy team to come and revive their teammate from the welcome mat and get a sweet double kill in the process.

Doc (GIGN)

Doc (GIGN)
Doc (GIGN) Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: MP5 Submachine gun
  • Secondary Weapon: P9
  • Gadget: Stim Pistols

Doc is an operator you need in the battlefield if you have to revive your teammates and get their health back. He is a very slow operator who is meant to hold control of bomb sites. Doc also has access to ACOG sights, which give a very valuable asset.

The reviving jolt that Doc administers with expert marksmanship can often make the difference between mission success and failure when each second is precious.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with my defender selection in Rainbow Six Siege? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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