PUBG is Overhauling Weapon Mastery

Prepare to see some changes.
Prepare to see some changes. Krafton

It’s been about two months since PUBG: Battlegrounds went free to play. There have been many changes and improvements since then. It looks like there’s one big change being planned, and it’s all about weapon mastery.

The team revealed that with new players joining the game, it was time to share what’s being prepared for the future. The team went on to say that when it comes to motivating players, progression plays an important role.

Expert Level

What’s being planned is that when players reach level 100 in a particular Weapon Mastery, they get to reset their level and in return, gain one “Expert Level” and earn a medal. They also get an upgraded Weapon Nameplate which lets them show off their Expert Level with that weapon. There are also visual upgrades to the kill message with every new Expert Level.


There’s also a change coming to Weapon Mastery Charms. Once the update arrives, they will be retroactively rewarded based on the highest-level weapon. For example, for those who have a level 50 M416 and a level 30 AKM, all Charms up to level 50 are rewarded.

Another change is that the Charms won’t be provided as Mastery Rewards. Instead, players can get them with BP or through other means. In addition, rather than being linked to a weapon that the player unlocked them with, it’s possible to equip owned Charms to any weapon.

XP Count

To track down player knockdowns plus opponents’ final death in Squads and a kill in Solos, the game makes use of the term “Defeat.” It has been found out to be confusing so it will be changed to “Kills.”

Weapon Mastery Stats

For each weapon used in Normal and Ranked matches, the Weapon Mastery records are planned to be completely reorganized. That means the current Mastery stats are no longer being updated. The good news is that players can still look up the old stats from a separate page.

Currently, the stats are a simple accumulation of records without comparing them with other players’ stats. The new stats are planned to give an advanced type of information. Instead of just showing the number of kills, for example, it can now share other details like time spent to achieve a kill.

Learn more about the planned changes here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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