PUBG Season 16 Ranked Mode on Console Now Open

Enjoy a new mode.
Enjoy a new mode. Krafton

Season 16 Ranked Mode for PUBG: Battlegrounds on console is now open. For this new season, players in NA and EU can enjoy the Squad-FPP queue along with the default TPP.

In Ranked Mode, as many as 64 opponents fight it out in squad-based combat to increase their rank. This mode offers a new competitive ruleset that puts emphasis on loot and pacing. As players complete Ranked matches, their Rank Points increase and decrease depending on their performance. This, in turn, also increases and decreases the rank and tier.

There are six tiers in Ranked Mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master. Then each tier has five Divisions. At the start of the ranked season, all players are considered “Unranked.” The first five games in each Ranked queue are counted as placement matches. After the fifth placement match, players are then given their starting rank.

Requirements to Play

To play Ranked Mode, players need to meet certain requirements. The first is having Battlegrounds Plus. PUBG recently went free-to-play and Battlegrounds Plus is for those who want to enjoy exclusive features. It’s available for $12.99.

Another requirement is reaching at least Survival Mastery level of 80. It’s worth noting as well that a squad won’t be able to enter a queue if two players are too far apart when it comes to their rank.


Here are the rules of Ranked Mode:

  • Games are randomly played on:
    • Erangel (40%)
    • Miramar (40%)
    • Taego (20%)
  • Ranked mode operates under its own match settings. These include:
    • An overall increase in item loot spawns.
    • No tactical gear (Drone/EMT).
    • No spike trap spawns.
    • The red zone has been removed.
    • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone have been adjusted to increase the pace of play.
  • The Taego map has specific features changed for Ranked Mode. These are:
    • The Error Zone has been removed.
    • No AEDs.
    • The Comeback Arena has been disabled.
    • The emergency landing has been disabled.
    • Mortars have been removed.
    • Bluezone Grenades have been removed.

Learn more about Ranked Mode here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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