PUBG Bringing Back the Undead to Labs in Zombie Survival 2.0

They're back!
They're back! Krafton

It was back in August 2021 when the undead returned to PUBG: Battlegrounds. Good news to those who want another crack at them since they’re coming back to Labs. Be prepared since they’re smarter, stronger, and thirstier for blood.

In Zombie Survival 2.0, teams next go through a total of 10 stages, each one lasting three minutes. Each player starts with a basic set of equipment:

  • Deagle
  • 60EA .45 ACP
  • Backpack (Level 3)
  • 1 Grenade

To move to the next stage, teams need to kill all zombies or have at least one member stay alive until the end. Once a stage is cleared, teams are given a 20-second break before the next stage begins. During this period players can buy tactical items using Survival Coins. Teammates who died in the previous stage are respawned and continue to the next stage. However, if the team is wiped out, the game ends as a Zombie Dinner.

What are Survival Coins? These are earned by taking down zombies and stored in the player’s inventory. It’s important to remember that Survival Coins can’t be dropped. However, players die and respawn having the same amount they had before they died.

Tactical Items

Zombie Survival 2.0 is introducing some interesting tactical items like:

  • Traps to temporarily stop zombies from moving.
  • Sticky Traps and Sticky Chemicals to temporarily slow down zombies.
  • Zombie Stun Grenades to stun zombies.
  • Healing Chemicals to heal you and your team.
  • Zombie C4, Can Bombs, Zombie Blue Zone Grenades, Anti-Zombie Chemicals, and Anti-Zombie Table Legs to deal damage.

Meet the Undead

For the zombies, these undead creatures spawn once a stage starts. As the stage moves forward, the number of zombies increases, and expect stronger zombies to appear. There are also special types and new ones in Zombie Survival 2.0 including:

  • Zombies throwing Molotov Cocktails.
  • Zombies throwing Blue Zone Grenades.
  • Zombies holding grenades in their mouths.
  • Can only be killed by headshots.
  • Zombies with C4 attached to their bodies.

Discord Event

A new event is being launched which gives players the chance to get 30 Contraband Coupons. To participate, follow these steps:

  • Clear all 10 stages of Zombie Survival 2.0.
  • Take a screenshot of the Chicken Dinner screen (players must take their own).
  • Enter the Discord server.
    • [PC] Enter the #role-select channel, select your region and platform roles by clicking on the reactions, then enter the #pc-zombie-survival-submissions.
    • [CONSOLE] Enter the #role-select channel, select your region and platform roles by choosing the reactions, then enter the #console-zombie-survival-submissions.
  • Upload the CHICKEN DINNER SCREENSHOT to the channel along with your PUBG NICKNAME/GAMER TAG.

Learn more about Zombie Survival 2.0 here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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