PUBG Labs Invites You to Halloween Battle Royale

Enjoy some Halloween fun.
Enjoy some Halloween fun. PUBG

The Samhain is a Celtic festival that occurs every Halloween. PUBG has something planned for everyone and it’s going to be a fun one. At PUBG Labs, developers are testing out the Halloween Battle Royale. This one started October 19 and runs until November 1.

So what is this all about? Remember the time when PUBG had everyone try the Fantasy Battle Royale? This was an experimental “prank” mode done for April Fool’s Day. It’s something similar but only spookier.

For this experimental mode, players are asked to choose from four different classes, jump aboard the Ghost Ship, and then drop down to the darkness that is Erangel. It’s pretty much the same battle royale but in a different setting.

Players can join the Halloween Battle Royale mode by pressing the LABS banner in the main lobby. Here are the features:

  • Once matchmaking is done, a window pops up where players can choose to be one of these four classes: Executioner, Ranger, Pyromancer, and Cleric
  • Players can choose their class in the pre-game lobby. They can also bring the class window back up by pressing F8 on PC or X on consoles.
  • The first circle is shown on the map once players hop on the Ghost Ship. At the same time, players are equipped with their respective class's level 1 weapon, ring, and necklace.
  • Players have to loot ingredients to upgrade their weapons.
  • Players have to fight foes with their class skills and show great teamwork with the squad to win.

Here are the other features of this experimental mode:

  • Items and Crafting
    • The Halloween Battle Royale comes with its own set of items spawned throughout the map.
      • This means players won't be able to find any weapons, ammo, throwables, boosts, or equipment.
      • Bandages do spawn.
      • The items that players find are mostly ingredients to upgrade weapons, rings, and necklaces.
    • Each class-specific weapon, ring, and necklace given to players at the beginning cannot be dropped or traded.
    • Players can open the crafting window by pressing Tab.
    • The looted ingredients are used to upgrade players' weapons, rings, and necklaces.
    • Players can right-click to upgrade craftable items (which glows up).
    • Since each class has two weapons, players are shown two weapon-crafting routes.
  • Treasure Chests (Care Packages)
    • Treasure falls from the sky and care packages look like Treasure Chests in Halloween Battle Royale.
    • Treasure Chests contain general and level 5 crafting ingredients.
    • Dropped Treasure Chests are marked on the map.
    • Players need to damage the Treasure Chest to open it.
    • The squad that successfully opens and interacts with the Treasure Chest is given an invincibility buff for 10 seconds.

Learn more about Halloween Battle Royale here.

PUBG is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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