PUBG Labs Testing Zone Tag Again

Time to play another round of tag.
Time to play another round of tag. PUBG

The PUBG Labs is at it again but this time around, it’s not testing something new from old stuff. It’s bringing back Zone Tag, which was first introduced back in February of this year. However, developers will incorporate player feedback for this version.

On PC, the new Zone Tag starts September 8 and ends September 13. On consoles, it’s set to begin September 16 and runs until September 20.

Before we take a look at the changes, let’s take a quick review of what this mode is all about. The mode comes with a ball of energy that players must fight for to retain possession. To make it "fast and furious," land vehicles spawn at every possible point on the map. As if that’s not enough, these vehicles receive no damage and players inside can reload weapons without depleting their ammo reserves. Learn more about that here.

For this version, the changes are:

  • Health Regeneration
    • To make things fair, all players can regenerate health based on their movement speed.
    • This means that the faster the player moves, the more health is regenerated per second.
    • This also works even while inside vehicles.
  • ​Overall Loot
    • The amount of overall loot has been increased.
    • The reason for this was players unable to find enough loot within phases of the game.
    • Boost items have been removed since players have health regeneration.
  • The Anchor
    • An Anchor spawns if the Carrier stays in one area for too long.
    • The area radius of the Anchor gets larger with each circle phase.
    • The Blue Ball gets detached if the Carrier does not move away from the Anchor.
  • Boats and Aquarails
    • Boats and Aquarails spawn.
    • The Carrier can’t enter the water.
    • Carrier can’t use boats or Aquarails.

Here are some other Gameplay Settings for Zone Tag:

  • Erangel – Sunny
  • FPP and Squad Only
  • One-Man Squads Not Supported
  • Minimum number of players: 24
  • Maximum number of players: 100

PUBG Labs offers players a way to test things outside the Test Server, where normal content updates are tested. PUBG is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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