PUBG: Players Can Brag About Their Arena Win Streaks in Update 21.2

Update 21.2
Update 21.2 PUBG Corporation

PUBG is a highly competitive battle royale shooter with tons of maps and plenty of guns to choose from. Players always try to beat each other using a combination of different weapons and tactics to see who comes on top, and this is true even in the 1v1 arena in Training Mode.

In the upcoming Update 21.2, winning streaks at the 1v1 arena will be recorded and shown in several areas of the UI, including:

  • Lower left of your screen during a 1v1 Arena match
  • Below your nickname on every Round Finished screen
  • Below your nickname on the Match Finished screen
  • Top of spectator’s screens

It goes without saying that losing even a single match resets the winning streak to zero. But what happens if the match ends in a tie? Don’t worry, the player’s streak is safe in this situation.

PUBG Update 21.2 is also going to bring performance improvements, particularly in loading speeds and memory usage.

Here are the other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Map-related UI has been added to Normal Matches and Ranked.
    • The name of the map you’re playing will show on the screen once you enter the starting island.
    • Map name, mode, and perspective information have been added to the top left screen of the world map.
    • This information will be removed once you board the plane.
    • Available in Normal Matches and Ranked.
  • Improved physics engine performance to enhance game loading speeds.
  • Optimized memory using animation to enhance memory usage.
  • (Console) Increased file reading speed on Xbox to improve in-game loading speeds such as parachute use, starting spectate, etc.
  • Fixed the issue where you’re unable to use the Free Look feature while using an emote when you board the plane or when the plane is descending.
  • Fixed the issue where you get knocked out from falling when a crash occurs while you’re Following a player.
  • Fixed the issue where you are able to use Carry while using specific Emotes.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where you are able to use primary weapons other than SMGs in the back seat of two-wheeled vehicles.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where you are unable to revive the teammate you were carrying after you get knocked out and revived.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where you and your teammates can jump abnormally high after pressing the Jump button continuously near a wall.
  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Vikendi and Sanhok.
    • Re-added an item spawn spot that was missing from a certain building in Vikendi, Winery.
    • Fixed the issue where you teleport to a specific location after vaulting and withdrawing the Folded Shield inside a Cable Car.
    • Fixed the issue where the sound of footsteps in a certain bathroom in Vikendi sounded like footsteps on dirt.
    • Fixed the issue where throwables and ammo passed through one side of the flag in Vikendi, Cosmodrome.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

PUBG Update 21.2 goes live on January 18 on PC and January 26 on consoles.

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