PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 21.1 Buffs Zima and Minibus

Update 21.1
Update 21.1 Steam

Update 21.1 for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is expected to drop, December 6 on PC, and December 15 on supported consoles. That said, this patch brings tweaks to some of the vehicles in the game.

The Zima is an offroad vehicle in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and it got some pretty good changes in Update 21.1. First, its health is increased to 1,200, allowing it to take a few more hits before it goes boom. Furthermore, this vehicle now has a trunk with a 250-weight capacity. This does not give players a lot of room to store their stuff, but at least the option is there if they want to keep some items for later use.

The MiniBus has also received some favorable adjustments. This vehicle already had the highest HP in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, but it is getting a 500 health increase in Update 21.1, making it even tankier than before. Additionally, the MiniBus is notorious for its poor handling, which is why the developers have improved vehicle control in the upcoming patch. Its max speed is increased from 80 km/h to 87 km/h as well.

According to the devs, these changes were based on continuous player/internal feedback. The MiniBus had low usage rates compared to the other vehicles in the game. That’s why it’s only fitting to improve it to make the vehicle more appealing to use.

As for the Zima, its HP was on the lower side, so a slight boost can provide players with a bit sturdier vehicle to drive, especially on the newly improved Vikendi map.


  • Porter
    • Health increased to 1,500
    • General speed has increased
    • Max speed has not changed
    • Vehicle control has improved
  • Pony Coupe
    • General speed and torque in low RPM range has been slightly decreased
    • Max speed has not changed
  • UAZ
    • Torque in low RPM range has increased
  • Mirado
    • Torgue in low RPM range has increased
    • Max speed has not changed
    • Vehicle control has improved
  • Players can now enter an ongoing Training Mode session.
    • A single session can hold a maximum of 20 players.
    • Players can only enter an ongoing session when approximately 10 minutes of the session remain.
    • This feature does not apply to players in queue for Ranked.
  • The starting countdown for Training Mode has been removed.
  • The modes/settings usingthe Vikendi map before Update #21.1have been removed.
    • Normal Mode: One Weapon Wonder
    • Team Deathmatch: Peshkova / Podvosto
    • Zombie Mode: Default Settings, Zombie Survival, Zombie Elimination, Zombie Royale
    • War Mode: Default Settings, Dead Factory, Bomb Kit (Dodgebomb), VSS Kit, Overpower Kit (Desert Knights), Sniper Kit (One Shot One Kill)
    • War Mode: Conquest: Default Settings
    • Esports Mode: Default Settings

What can you say about the vehicle changes in Update 21.1?

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