PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions Available

PUBG Mobile Subscriptions
PUBG Mobile Subscriptions Tencent

Tencent has officially released the Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions for PUBG Mobile. The subscription is available for both iOS and Android players. While the release made players wary, the official PUBG Mobile Twitter confirmed that it was real.

Under these subscription plans, players can earn a daily boost of Unknown Cash or UC. Players can get discounts when purchasing crates. An active subscription also gives players the ability to perform in-game purchases using Battle Points (BP).

The Prime subscription is priced at $0.99, which allows players to get five UC per day and the ability to buy items with BP.

The Prime Plus subscription also makes players able to but items using BP, but increases the daily UC received to 20. This tier also gives 10 RP points daily and daily discounts on certain items. It also gives players a 50 percent discount daily on the entry to the Classic Crate Lottery. Prime Plus is priced at $9.99, but it currently being offered at $4.99. Upon subscribing, players immediately get 300 UC.

On the announcement Twitter feed, comments were generally negative with many users saying that the game should be fixed first and that the subscription offers serve as a distraction.

For those who have been following the game and its developments, the idea of a subscription is not new. This has been talked about back in January. Back then, the subscription were exclusive to the KRJP server. At that time, analysts said the subscriptions were introduced as Tencent still has to receive approval for its games from Chinese regulators.

The subscription was included in patch 0.11.5 with a note saying that it was to be released in April. The patch also revealed that the benefits of both subscriptions were stackable.

The subscriptions may not appeal to casual players but it is beneficial to regular players of PUBG. For players, one big benefit of the subscriptions is being able to buy items using BP.

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