PUBG Mobile Beta V0.11.5: New Weapon And Vehicle Introduced

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The upcoming V0.11.5 for PUBG Mobile is now available in the Beta channel. Prior to the reveal, it was leaked that the update features dynamic weather for Erangel and Miramar. As expected, this feature is included in the update.

PUBG Mobile has also added a new weapon: the G36C rifle. It can fire 5.56 mm rounds and it allows stocks to be equipped to it. However, it can only be found on Vikendi, serving as a replacement for the SCAR-L. A new vehicle, the Tukshai, is also included in the update. The tukshai is exclusive to Sanhok. It replaces the Dacia, Jeep, and Mini Bus.

General changes include the "I got supplies" quick chat message being preselected. The outfit preview no longer gives players a warning if the piece that is being previewed is hidden by a piece that is currently equipped. Additionally, when taking a preview of outfits from a new crate, the game automatically removes the preview from the previous crate.

The beta build makes some adjustments to the Survive Till Dawn Mode. Big changes include zombies entering a weakened state every now and then, along with an increase in the damage outside of the safe zone. Some areas in the map where the zombies could not enter have been fixed as well. The beta also tunes some of the resource drops, certain zombie skills, and vehicle fuel levels.

The PUBG Mobile V0.11.5 beta can be downloaded through this link and can be installed without the need to remove the stable version. The total download size of the update is 1.7 GB, so be sure to have enough space on your device. Players are reminded that there may be plenty of bugs, seeing as how this update is still a beta version.

Developed by PUBG Corp., PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royal game. The first mobile version was titled PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield and served an abridged version of the original game. This was later released worldwide with the title changed to PUBG Mobile. There is also another game called PUBG: Army Attack, which has elements similar to those of an arcade game.

PUBG did not reveal the official date of the update’s release.

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