PUBG Labs Testing New Challenger Battle Royale

New mode at the Labs.
New mode at the Labs. PUBG

It looks like PUBG is at it again and testing out a possible new feature. This time, it’s a new mode titled Challenger Battle Royale that features minimalistic on-screen UI to improve immersion while offering a dusk setting to enhance the stealth experience. Players may now try the new mode at the Labs for PC and consoles, and it’s going to be there until March 15.

PUBG Labs is an event system that was released in late 2019. This is where players can experiment with some of the game's features that the developers are planning on introducing to the game. It should be noted that Labs is different from the test server.

Early this year, Labs was testing out certain planned changes for Arena Mode, and just last month, it was looking into Zone Tag.

New Mode

So what’s this new mode all about? Imagine that you’re in Sanhok at sunset, in the forest all alone, and don’t know what’s going to happen next. Why? Because much of what you're used to isn’t available. Meaning, there’s no mini-map or no compass, ammo, kill feed, or even alive player counter. At some point, a flare is fired and you get to see your surroundings for a bit. Do you hide or find a way to attack? These are the results of the minimalistic UI.

Mode Features

In Challenger Battle Royale, the time to kill is shortened and this is because the damage of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables are doubled. Meanwhile, the Blue Zone remains to have the normal amount of damage to players and moves at the same speed and timing as that in normal matches. Other features of the Blue Zone are:

  • A single red Flare signals the Warning phase.
    • The Safe Zone is identified.
    • Occurs at the center of the new circle.
    • The Flare does not light up the area.
    • Occurs when the new Blue Zone is determined.
    • Visible until the Blue Zone starts to move.
  • Three consecutive red Flares signal the Closing Phase.
    • Three Flare sounds.
    • Flare lights up the surrounding area.
    • Occurs in the center of the safe zone.
    • Occurs when the Blue Zone starts to move.
    • Visible flare until the Blue Zone stops.
    • Flare in the same position as the single warning phase flare.

For the UI, players must expect:

  • No Player HUD:
    • Boost bar
    • Blue Zone backpack bar
    • No mini-map
    • No compass
    • No ammo counter
    • The player’s health bar is shown
  • No player count
  • No kill feed
  • No kill counter
  • “M” (default) brings up the map, but it does not display player markers, the Blue Zone, or any other markings.
  • No changes to the inventory menu.
  • No ping messages.

Read more about this new mode here.

So, giving this one a try?

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