PUBG Labs is Testing Out Zone Tag

A new mode being tested again.
A new mode being tested again. PUBG

PUBG Labs is at it again! This time, they’re trying out a new way to play with Zone Tag. A ball spawns in this mode during the match and players then fight to get it and make sure it stays in their possession.

Unlike a regular match, this one is meant to be both fast and furious. One way of making that happen is to spawn land vehicles at every possible point on the map. Plus, the spawned vehicles are invulnerable to damage and while inside, players can reload weapons without depleting their ammo reserve. Yes, that means unlimited ammunition.

Zone Tag is available for the PC from February 9 to 15 and for consoles from February 23 to March 1. Today, we take at the rules of this new game mode.

Keep the Ball

First, let’s talk about the main features of the ball. What happens is once a match begins, the ball spawns on a random player. It then gives a special visual effect on whoever is carrying it - a pillar of light that’s visible within 100 meters. That means pretty much everyone can see who has the ball.

There are advantages to having the ball though. For one, the center of the circle moves to where the ball is. And two, all members of the carrier’s squad get a full boost. This should help the team better protect the carrier.

The ball can’t be passed or dropped manually, however, it will drop if the carrier is knocked, killed, or entered a restricted area. Restricted areas include water, ferries, small islands located off the mainland, and inaccessible rooftops and high ground.

If no other player has grabbed the ball, it starts to rise in the air for five seconds and look for an eligible target within 30 meters. If there are no eligible targets, the ball stays still for 15 seconds and then starts to move to the center of the map.

Each time the ball is dropped or picked up, a system message appears to all players.

The Circle

We’ve already mentioned that the center of the circle is dragged by the ball wherever it moves. And to make it worse, circle phases are still there that shrink and deal more damage later. Once Phase 6 starts, the ball disappears and the center of the circle becomes locked until the match ends.

Read more about Zone Tag here.

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