PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 19.2: New Vehicle, New Weather Feature, and More


The latest update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is now available on PC and Consoles. This update brings another new vehicle and a new weather feature to Deston.

New Vehicle

Watch out for food trucks in this update because they aren’t going to drop your food supplies. You might find enemies trying to kill you through the open windows. The new vehicle can carry two passengers at the front and two at the back. Food trucks are quite tanky with 3,000 health but don’t underestimate their speed because they can go up to 107 km/h without boost.

New Weather Feature

In this update, the developers introduced a new time-of-day weather feature, which changes the map’s condition to certain cycles. The cycles are as follows:

  • Dawn to early morning
  • Clear weather to stormy weather
  • Storm to clear weather

Sadly, this feature does not support a day-to-night cycle, which would have been pretty neat to experience.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed existing in-game issues (Carry, Drone, parachute, etc.) that affected gameplay.
  • Fixed the bug of a player’s direction sometimes being different from the direction it’s heading with its parachute when you stop following.
  • Fixed the bug of being unable to put down a player you’re carrying at certain building entrances.
  • Fixed the bug of a player hearing specific sounds inside a building when another player uses the M79.
  • Fixed the bug of melee weapons overlapping when you swap your primary weapon with a Drone or EMT Gear.
  • Fixed the bug of a knocked out and disconnected player being relocated after it’s carried and put down on steep terrain.
  • Fixed the awkward field of view bug in FPP when you switch to ADS after moving from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug of players riding certain vehicles that have bullet marks and having the same bullet marks being shown on their character’s legs.
  • Fixed the black screen bug that shows up after using a Drone another player used.
  • Fixed the bug of being able to use a Drone another player used without range limit.
  • Fixed the bug of an Emote being shown in a continuous loop in Replay or Death Cam when a player uses an Emote without any weapon equipped.

You can read more about the update here.

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