PUBG: Battlegrounds RONDO Map is Now Live

Get ready to fight! Krafton

A new phase has begun in PUBG: Battlegrounds with the release of its new map RONDO. The tenth map to be released in the game, RONDO by far has the largest playable area of any map ever. This 8x8 map is now available for PC players with console players needing to wait until December 14.

Also known as the Ground of Honor, RONDO Is divided into two unique regions, each one offering a unique atmosphere where players can experience familiar gameplay and combine it with innovative strategic approaches. Indeed, this new map is able to stand out particularly for its diverse terrain. There are the distinct ridges in the northeast with serene lakes and bamboo grooves in the southwest.

The map also has a lot of notable areas like the waterfall-rich landscape of Tin Long Garden, the riverside architecture of Mey Ryan, and the verdant beauty that is Yu Lin village. Each of these terrains offer different strategic options for players. Players can also look forward to the skyscrapers of Jadena City's skyscrapers and its neon-lit streets especially with its promise of intense urban battles. The NEOX Factory meanwhile introduces some rather unique combat scenarios.

New Features

Additional areas in the map also present their own challenges like Rin Jiang, Jao Tin, and the Stadium. The map also comes with innovative features like destructible bamboo to allow for tactical depth.

Players can also enjoy more landing options and tactical possibilities in this new map with:

  • multiple starting planes being activated at a certain probability at the beginning of the match
  • players are assigned to one of the two planes at random
  • parties are grouped together on the same plane
  • he airplane path of the assigned plane is marked on the map with a red-and-white indicator.

Player Rewards

To celebrate the release of the RONDO, players can now enjoy the new Survivor Pass: RONDO. Players should be happy to know that the reward system has been revamped with new rewards being introduced like G-COIN, Schematics, Survivor's Chests, and Artisan Tokens.

There are also new collaboration items available which feature actor Daniel Wu as Alpha and Lee Jung-Jae as Beta. These are available for PC players until March 6, 2024, and console players until March 14, 2024.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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