The PS5 Is Capable Of Recording Games At 4K

PS5 4K Recording
PS5 4K Recording PS5

Ahead of the PlayStation 5's launch, Sony shared a blog post that answers various questions that fans might have regarding the console. The blog post goes in detail to explain the differences between the standard and digital editions of the consoles, hardware specifications, the DualSense controller, 3D audio, box content, pricing, and more. Interestingly, the blog post also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be capable of recording games in 4K resolution.

Additionally, the PS5 also automatically records the last 60 minutes of gameplay, which the players can choose to save by pressing the "Create" button on the DualSense controller. The Create button allows players to choose the length of the recorded gameplay that they wish to save, ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes.

The blog post further stated that by default, the PS5 will record gameplay footage at 1080p and 60FPS, but players can choose to increase that recording quality up to 4K. So, if you want to record your gameplay videos in 4K, you'll need to adjust the recording settings. It's also important to note that higher resolution quality also means a bigger file size, so expect recording files to be large.

To change the gameplay recording quality, you'll need to head to the settings on your PS5 and then select Manual Recording Resolution. Here you can choose between 1080p and 2160p resolutions. However, the option to record games at 4K resolution will only become available when the PS5 is connected to a compatible 4K TV or monitor.

Moreover, the Create button also allows players to capture screenshots and even start a stream. All recorded media is saved in the console's Media Gallery, where players will be able to view, edit, and share their files. Players can also transfer the captured footage to a USB drive so they can upload the videos to a computer.

The PlayStation 5 is releasing on November 12.

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