Propnight Improves Akasha’s Blade Dance, Fixes Issue with Propmachine in Patch 2.3.1

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Patch 2.3.1 for Propnight is now available for download. Killers such as Akasha and Sheet-Man have been improved in this update. The developers also implemented some important bug fixes, including one that resolves an issue with the Propmachine.

Akasha is one of the killers that you can choose in Propnight. She is a young female vampire who wields a glaive. Anyway, her Blade Dance got improved in Patch 2.3.1 with its dash power increased by 10%. For those who don’t know, Blade Dance is an ability where Akasha dashes forward and deals damage to any survivor she comes across.

Sheet-Man is a killer introduced not too long ago. He is quite prominent mainly because he wears a sheet over his body. One of his abilities will have him use his trusty hook to pull survivors to him. That said, his hook can now fly through the windows of closable doors.

The Propmachine is something that survivors have to fix for them to escape and win the match. Before this update, survivors could continue the repair animation by starting the process and then going to the pause menu immediately after. This is not an intended design as survivors would normally have to press and hold the interact key until the device is fully repaired. This issue has now been resolved.

Patch Notes

  • Whoopee Cushion: Now Whoopee Cushion will no longer be offered to pick at the beginning of a match
  • Various sound updates
  • Anti-cheat (BattlEye) update
  • Impostor: Fixed that if while putting a Survivor in a Hypnochair the player went to the pause menu, then after putting the Survivor in the Hypnochair they would completely lose control
  • Sheet-Man: Fixed Hook being able to pull a Survivor or a prop through closed Closable Doors
  • Sheet-Man: Fixed Sheet-Man stunning himself while pulling a large prop with Hook
  • Chains: Fixed that if the player quickly pressed F (to use Chains) while putting a Survivor in a Hypnochair for the third time, the Survivor did not die and remained on the Hypnochair for the duration of the Chains effect
  • Props: Fixed some props not allowing to turn back to a Survivor when lying flat
  • Props: Fixed large props getting stuck in Closable Doors while straightening up
  • Yellow Jar and Jar of Glue: Fixed that if thrown while turning into a prop they would not be removed from the inventory
  • Closable Doors: Fixed Closable Doors windows not breaking upon being hit by a Killer or coming to contact with any projectiles thrown by Killers

Propnight Patch 2.3.1 is available on PC.

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