Propnight: Patch 2.1.0 Introduces the New Killer Sheet-Man and New Swamp Map

Propnight Steam

The scary killer Sheet-man is now in Propnight, thanks to the game’s latest update. Patch 2.1.0 also introduces the new Swamp map, with its chance of appearing in Quick Play increased threefold for players to enjoy.

There’s a new killer in town and that is the ghost named Sheet-man. Nothing much is known about this enigmatic figure other than it wields a hook on one hand and a knife on the other. The interesting thing about Sheet-man is that it can use its hook to pull survivors in for an easy kill.

The new Swamp map has that spooky vibe as the place is engulfed in a thin layer of fog. It is filled with trees that are normally seen in horror flicks as well. A bonfire is also found in the area, which likely serves as a respawn point or temporary respite for survivors.

Swamp Map Bonfire
Swamp Map Bonfire Twitter/@GushingGecko
Swamp Map Trees
Swamp Map Trees Twitter/@GushingGecko

Patch Notes

  • Balance: Now, instead of giving Killer 500 coins for each repaired Propmachine, the calculation will be done according to a new dynamic formula that gradually increases the number of coins for each repaired Propmachine and decreases it for each lost Survivor. This should make the balance fairer in matches with players of uneven experience levels
  • Multiplayer
    • "Victory" and "Defeat" have been replaced with more appropriate descriptions of the outcome depending on the situation
    • Killer will now get 5 MMR when Last Survivor escapes instead of losing 30 MMR
  • Last Survivor
    • During the Last Survivor mode, common items will not appear in Chest, and coins will spawn in the map 2 times more often
    • Now the player who is Last Survivor receives 5 additional propcoins if they win
  • House: Rebalance of some rooms and Propmachine locations
  • Poisoned Knife: Reduced the number of charges to 7
  • Yellow Jar: Now when Yellow Jar is thrown at a Killer, they will no longer drop Survivor
  • Propmachine: Reduced the range of Propmachine repair sound to the same range as the main sound of the Propmachine
  • Hypnochair: Now when a Survivor saves themselves using Lockpick, they will not have the immortality effect
  • Settings: Returned the "Distract with sound" hotkey
  • Killers: Fixed that if a Survivor breaks out of Killer’s hands, the "Drop" hint remained on the screen
  • Granny: Fixed that there was no sound notification when hitting a Survivor with Mine ghost knife
  • Impostor: Fixed chase music not stopping
  • Survivors: Fixed that sometimes it was possible to jump without spending stamina
  • Tools: Fixed legendary Tools being usable while on cooldown
  • Hypnochair: Fixed that Killer could put Survivor in a Hypnochair through the walls

Propnight Patch 2.1.0 is available on PC.

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