Propnight Welcomes New Skins for Granny and Jun in Patch 2.2.4

Granny Witch Skin
Granny Witch Skin Steam

New skins for Granny and Jun are now available, thanks to the latest update for Propnight. Patch 2.2.4 also adds some improvements, especially to in-game challenges.

You can acquire Granny’s new legendary “Witch” skin by completing a special challenge. Jun has four new skins in total and you can get them by opening Propboxes.

For improvements, the developers added a new option that allows you to skip the current challenge by paying 10 Ether. In addition, the daily challenges that you’ve completed will no longer show rewards. This is just to avoid confusion and to also let you know which ones you still need to finish.

If you’re a fan of the recently added killer, Sheet-Man, you’ll be happy to know that there are some nice changes for him in Patch 2.2.4. For instance, he will now talk sometimes when pulling a Survivor with his trusty Hook.

Patch Notes

  • The "Prevent a Survivor from being rescued from Hypnochair" Challenge will no longer appear
  • Reduced Blade Dance dash range by 25%
  • Increased Blade Dance cooldown to 7 sec
  • Added the sound of Hook returning to his hand
  • Increased Hook cooldown to 7 seconds
  • Added facial expressions animation when being pulled by Sheet-Man’s Hook
  • Adjusted the second jump’s force, and now you can jump without touching the ground again
  • Propmachines can now be repaired immediately after using Tools instead of being repaired after the end of the use animation
  • Now, after getting out of Hypnochair using Lockpick, Survivors will have the same effect of immortality as they have when being rescued by another Survivor
Whoopee Cushion
  • Now, the Whoopee Cushion will break if the object it was lying on is moved or broken
  • Challenges: Fixed that the "Stun the Killer with any car prop" Challenge could only be completed with a red car
  • Killers: Fixed the incorrect animation of Propmachine breaking interruption
  • Granny: Fixed that if Granny was stunned exactly when she was setting Mine, the stun would not work correctly
  • Impostor: Fixed Impostor being able to sprint sideways in Survivor form
  • Igor: Fixed the sound of Chainsaw Terror activation playing for all players
  • Igor: Fixed Igor’s sounds being heard through the floor as if he was nearby after using Chainsaw Terror
  • Exit Doors: Fixed Killer being able to pick up a Survivor who was already crawling out of Exit Doors
  • Hypnochair: Fixed that sometimes the player’s camera would stay behind a Hypnochair after being rescued

Propnight Patch 2.2.4 is available on PC.

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