Propnight: Patch 2.2.3 Adds UI Improvements and Bug Fixes for Killers

Patch 2.2.3
Patch 2.2.3 Twitter/@playpropnight

Two UI improvements have been added in the newly released Patch 2.2.3 for the horror survival game Propnight. When logging in, you’ll find a new option that allows you to view other people’s Steam profiles. Furthermore, if you have friends who are playing the game, you’ll now find which map they’re currently on in the lobby.

Another notable change in this update is that Igor’s Chainsaw Terror ability, which makes him “stealthy” for 10 seconds due to the sound produced by his chainsaw, no longer gets interrupted if he gets stunned or when he uses his other attacks.

In a previous update, developers merged the new prop jump system with the old one, with the second jump having an increased jumping force by default. However, they’ve adjusted the jumping force again in Patch 2.2.3 and reduced it to be in line with the standard following community feedback.


  • Props: Now when a prop is destroyed (if this prop has stages of destruction), it will not be pushed down to the ground
  • Village: Added the sound of prop interaction with water
  • Settings: Added an option to adjust the brightness of the game
  • Last Survivor
    • Fixed that if 2 Survivors who were in Hypnochairs left the game, then the Last Survivor mode would activate for both remaining Survivors
  • Killers
    • Fixed that Killers could be stunned at the last moment of putting a Survivor in a Hypnochair, which led to Survivor’s controls being broken
    • Fixed that it was sometimes difficult to hit a prop that was moving fast on the ground
    • Fixed some Killer’s weapons not reflecting shadows from the environment
  • Akasha
    • Fixed Blood Eye being able to be placed out of map’s bounds
    • Fixed that Blood Eye could be used while jumping which also was breaking Akasha’s animation
  • Sheet-Man
    • Minor animation updates
    • Fixed Sheet-Man’s model being slightly above the ground
  • Props
    • Fixed that if a player jumped on another player who was in prop form, the latter would lose control over the prop
    • Fixed "Use Item" hint appearing sometimes while turning into a prop
    • Fixed that long props could act incorrectly while straightening up in a place with little space
  • Hypnochair
    • Fixed that if there was an unsuccessful attempt at rescuing a Survivor from a Hypnochair, then upon subsequent attempts to rescue them, there would be a chance that they would get up from the Hypnochair but lose control after
    • Fixed camera sometimes remaining behind a Hypnochair after Survivor was rescued from it

Propnight Patch 2.2.3 is available on PC.

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