Project Athia Will Be PlayStation Exclusive For 24 Months

Project Athia
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Everybody now knows that Sony is brilliant at snagging some of the best games as PlayStation exclusives. The platform boasts several first-party exclusive games, like God of War, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Ghost of Tsushima. But third-party games started to join the impressive PlayStation exclusive library. In a YouTube video uploaded yesterday, Sony revealed some games that PS5 owners can enjoy. The video also showed upcoming exclusives that fans can look forward to. These include Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, and Square Enix's Project Athia.

There's something special about Project Athia

Until now, third-party PlayStation games were exclusive on the platform for one year. While Square Enix is still working on Project Athia, Sony already signed a deal with the developer to make that game exclusive to PS5 at launch. Square Enix chose to make Project Athia a PS5 exclusive for two full years.

Square Enix's strong relationship with Sony

There's not much known about Project Athia at the moment. But it's quite obvious Square Enix has a strong relationship with Sony. The developer's hugely popular Final Fantasy VII remake and the recently revealed Final Fantasy XVI support that. Both titles are PlayStation exclusives. Although both Final Fantasy games may release on other platforms after the one-year exclusivity, players will need to wait longer before getting their hands on Project Athia.

What do we know about Project Athia?

Project Athia is an action-adventure game in the works led by Luminous Productions. Square Enix will publish the game. The game will feature a female protagonist. She finds herself in another world "where resolve will be tested, truths will be questioned, and devotions will be doubted. She will rise" as the Square Enix website states.

Project Athia's development is in progress. Though, its estimated release date remains unknown.

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