‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Promo: Sara Is Part Of The Escape Plan [VIDEO]

prison break season 5 resurrection air date
'Resurrection' is the official title of 'Prison Break' Season 5. Fox

The latest Prison Break Season 5 trailer is our first tease about what to expect from Sara this season. With little Mike and a new husband to take care of, it was unclear if Sara would aid Lincoln, C-Note, Dunbar and T-Bag in Michael’s escape from prison. However, this new promo below shows Sara is joining the fight whether her husband likes it or not.

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Recently named Resurrection , the show’s fifth season reveals Michael is still alive and at the moment, locked up in a Yemeni prison. There is lots different about the series this time around, particularly its landscape. There is also a political element to the series, as Michael for some unknown reason is in bed with ISIL – he even uses a new name, Kaniel Outis. Michael also has new tattoos, which star Wentworth Miller said are less of a blueprint this time around.

The special episode also revealed how T-Bag comes to find out Michael is alive. When he was released from prison, a guard handed him an envelope with a photo of Michael in it. Miller also says Michael has “A new, deadly, set of skills,” which begs the question, what exactly has he had to do to survive all this time?

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Let us know what you think in the comments below! Resurrection airs April 4 on Fox.

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